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Need for Madness 43.0

Need for Madness is a car racing game with a cool multiplayer mode
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Need for Madness is a car racing game that lets you choose how you want to play and win: either by being the fastest on the track and finishing the race first, or by crashing the others until they can no longer take part of the race. This can lead to a lot of fun moments, especially when you play this game versus your friends, using its multiplayer mode. Otherwise, in single player, Need for Madness feels rather average to me, to say the least.

Its graphics are average at best, but if you're into these trendy low-poly graphics, then you should definitely like it. They are pretty simple, lacking any sophistication or complexity, to say the least. There’s not much variety when it comes to the stunts that you can perform to earn bonus points, or when it comes to the available car models, but at least, for this last part, the game compensates by including a powerful car customization model, the so-called “Car maker”. As for the race tracks and backgrounds, they’re totally lackluster and tedious. As you can tell, the game is not meant to charm you with its visuals, but with the gameplay, especially in multiplayer mode. Though not exactly impressive either, the sounds are suitable for an adrenaline-packed racing game.

Cutting long story short, I don’t recommend this game if you plan on playing it in singleplayer mode, as it’s rather boring and uninteresting. Things might be totally different when it comes to playing with friends, but be aware of the fact that the multiplayer mode comes with a price and can be enjoyed for free only for a limited time period.

Margie Smeer
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  • Fun multiplayer
  • Small and lightweight
  • Includes a car customization tool


  • The multiplayer mode is not free
  • The graphics are too simple
  • Lacks variety in terms of stunts, tracks, or vehicles
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